Arkon Mounts A-List Influencers & Affiliate Program

We're honored to have so many amazing people in our Arkon Mounts / affiliate community. When an Arkon affiliate inspires 20 or more sales at, they earn special recognition as an "Arkon A-List Influencer." We cannot thank them enough for their strong love for our products and support for our brand. They really know how to show their #arkonpride.

Click on any of the digital badges below to learn more about these remarkable creators, live stream stars, and social media pros. They proudly represent the communities of crafting, stamping, paper making and crafting, wreath design, mixed media, nail artists and nail art blogging, social media coaches, chalk couture designers, bakers and sugar artists, cakers and cookiers, makeup artsists, professional photographers, Instagram experts, tech bloggers, small business owners, mompreneurs, authors, and more.

How to Become an Affiliate

Do you already own an Arkon Mount and have at least 5K or more followers on any single social media platform? (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube). If so, you're eligible to be considered as an affiliate.

Register today to enroll in the / Arkon Mounts affiliate program. CLICK HERE. Affiliate requests are processed Monday through Friday and applicants will be notified of their acceptance status, once reviewed. As an affiliate, you'll be able to offer your community a 20% discount at Arkon reserves the right to approve or deny any and all affiliate requests, for any reason.

Approved Affiliates receive 10% of the net sales generated by their Coupon Code. Commissions are paid at the end of each quarter. To qualify for a payout, your Coupon Code must have generated more than $250 in net sales during the quarter. Balances continue to carry over into future quarters until the $250 in net sales benchmark is met.

Janet Wakeland
Joshua Collinson
Mandy Leahy
Ken Hess
Lydia Fiedler
Clara Nicole
Jessica Wilson
Sandy Alllnock
Sarah Strunk
Liz Marek
The PeriGirls
Mary Desmond
Yesica Romero
Christie Millett
Angelica Garcia Red Flour Creations
Arnie Wong and Laura Varela-Wong
Marian Poirier
Talia Sander
April Ryan
Bianca Linares
Valerie Caraballo ThatGirllVal
Scott Waterman
Suzanne Cannon
Judit Reding
Kim Garst
Richard Garay
Keith B Dixon
Angie Juda
Candy Ramirez Queen Bee Baker
Tamara Bennett
Kellie DeFries
Sue B Zimmerman
Cathy Zielske
Jill McCarthy JilleySue
Terry White
Carrie Martin and Jeanne Pence
Tabby Rivera
Lora Blanton
Terri Johnson
Porsha Kimble Your Cake Diva
David and Rachel Donald
Melisa Rocha
Deb Valder
Rae Harper-Burnett
Dr AD Finch
Terina Matthews
Natasha O'Connor and Melanie Richard
Stacy Pierce
Amanda Taylor
Shirlyn Leong
Vanessa Cruz
Roshell Ingraham
Brandee Anthony
Bree Miller
Pamela Booker
Alexandria Richter
Sarah Paige-Gruber
Rocky Nash
Janelle Copeland
Julie Cantu
Farley Berry
Christine Culmone Christine's Molds
Michelle Curran
Shade Adu
Linda Caro
Chelsea Votel aka YoPickles
Arvin Poole
Scott Williams
Dana Garrison
Joyce Marcellus Toxic Sweets Shop
Kassy Jimenez Cakes & Crafts by Kass
Kerry Shearer
Dave Nelson
Babble On Brooke
Vicki Fitch
Larry Becker
Greg Lopez
Bree Olson
Switcher Studio