Hello! WE ARE MAKING CHANGES to our affiliate program. The URL-driven option is no longer available. Instead, we offer a COUPON CODE affiliate program whereby, upon approval, you'll be able to offer a special 20% discount to your community. In most cases, we do require that you already own an Arkon Mount in order to be considered as an affiliate. If you don't already have an Arkon Mount, coupon code "facebook" saves you 20% at Once/If approved, you will earn a 10% affiliate commission based on the net sales generated by your coupon code. If your coupon generates more than $250 in net sales ($25 in affiliate commission), you will receive a payout at the end of the respective quarter. However, if the $250 benchmark in net sales is not met, your sales will continue to roll over into the next period until such time that $250 or more in sales has been achieved. If you are signing up here via the website, an Arkon representative will contact you soon to help get a coupon code assigned to you and your community. Please note, upon receiving your request to become an affiliate, your login and password will be deleted from the system. Unfortunately, we have no way for our affiliates to log in to see their coupon code activity. Instead, we ask that you email if/when you would like an update on your coupon code status. Coupons that have not been used during a 1-year period will be deactivated and removed from our system. Arkon Mounts reserves the right to change the terms of its affiliate program, at any time.

Affiliate Information: