Multi-Purpose Purse Handbag Grocery Bag Backpack Car Seat Hanger
HMPHG01 Car Seat Purse or Bag Hanger Mount
HMPHG01 Car Seat Purse or Bag Headrest Hanger Mount HMPHG01 Backpack Holder Car Seat Headrest Mount HMPHG01 Diaper Bag Holder Car Seat Mount Grocery Bag or Tote Holder Car Seat Headrest Mount
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HMPHG01 Car Seat Headrest Holder for Purses, Totes, Bags, Handbags
  • Hanger fits nearly all 2-post style headrests using adjustable headrest hooks
  • For top handled bags, including handbags, purses, grocery bags, gym bags, and diaper bags
  • Keeps bags away from dirt and bacteria
  • Oversized bag hanger swivels for maximum convenience

Arkon’s Multi-Purpose Bag Hanger Mount keeps purses and other types of bags upright and off of the passenger side seat or floor of your car (where dirt and bacteria can be found). The sturdy oversized purse or bag hanger hook accommodates top-handled bags, including handbags, purses, totes, grocery bags, diaper bags, gym bags, or backpacks. Multiple bags or bags with big straps are also no problem. No more purses or grocery bags spilling out onto the floor of your car. Diaper bags stay within easy reach of the back seat for diaper changes or feedings.

This mount is also great for holding snack bags for the kids on long trips. Easy to install, the bag hanger mount uses adjustable headrest hooks to fit on nearly all 2-post style front seat headrests. Use the mount’s adjustment knob to pivot the hanger hook so it’s positioned either behind the passenger seat or between the driver and passenger seats. Your bags stay within reach while your line of vision remains clear when driving. - Car Mounts & Accessories for Smartphones, GPS, Satellite Radio and more - HOME

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